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I am 37 years old 178 pounds 12 percent body fat, I have been using a TRT clinic but it is becoming expensive for 10 weeks in cost me 400 dollars. This incudles 200mg test(1 time a week), 500iu HCG(2 times a week), and 1mg of armidex(2 times a week). When I did my original blood work before treatment I was around 350 test and 22 estergon, the last blood work I did I was around 1000 test and 25 estergon.

I am thinking of just doing the TRT myself to save money but I had a few questions. I have read that long term HCG use can be harmfully, so should I stop using it? The doctor also recommended a cc of Deca to add to my treatment but it was 300 dollars for 10 weeks so I never did it. What is considered a TRT dose 100-150mg? Is it safe to take long term? And do I need to use caber at a TRT dose? Any input would be great


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yes, you should not be using hcg long term whatsoever... also, its clear the doctor is just trying to get you to spend money... you have no reason nor need to be using deca whatsoever... you need to go to an endocrinologist, not a trt clinic...


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Dang. I see this with TRT clinics a lot, where they are just prescribing unnecessarily and even harmful to increase profits.
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Money makes the world go round. Just legal drug pushers