I find it so interesting how some cycles have given me added sex drive and others have hurt it

Right now I?m running 250MG of tren e per week and my sex drive and erections have been perfect. I?m taking about 300MG of B6 per week along with the Tren and 200MG of test cyp.

Sex drive has been perfect. In the past I?ve always run Tren Ace and my erections sucked.

What do you guys think?


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Tren E is just barely reaching peak levels right about now so you may start experiencing some issues going forward.

Tren Ace may have kicked in faster than your Test Cyp (in the past) but you say you were on TRT so that probably wasn't the case.

Hopefully things will continue going well for you.


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i would keep a close eye on it moving forward.. a lot of people have issues with tren e further down the road, like cbbram pointed out, its just now hitting peak levels...


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Tren is a tricky animal. Ive had it completely destroy my sex drive and ive had it increase it big time like the last time i ran it. For me the difference was laying off of the ai, and it made a hell of a difference.