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I want to know if somebody can share their experiences on following subject.

Im on Tren right now and I know Its known for sleeping problems, like waking up 5 times a night and stuff like that . Doesn't happen to me.

What's happening is that I'm fully awake till like 3 am and it feels like I've drunk 10 cups of coffees just before bed, really no chance to sleep.

But my body wakes me up at like 08.00 pm again even on the weekend, it seems like I don't need sleep anymore.. I really feel great, before Tren I would have to struggle to get out of bed at 10-11 when staying up so late.. is this because of cortisol?

Also Im experiencing really intense dreams, nothing scary they just feel real and I can recognize everything in the morning. I Dream every night...

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Yea sleep and dream issues. Welcome to tren.
What time of day are you pinning? And what dosage?

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How much Tren are you using, and what other compounds and dosage are you running?


Go buy Unisom it will solve all your problems. Its like $4-5 at walmart.

Most powerful OTC sleep aid. Ive used prescription sleep aids that did not work as well.

Tren is bad on the circulatory system. It revs up your brain, nervous system' and heart by attaching to the dopamine receptors...the same receptors that stimulant drugs like speed attach to so of course you are going to feel like you had too much coffee at are basically taking a long acting stimulant drug.
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