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Topical steroids question


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Hi, Is there such a steroid in cream form that can provide mass gaining? I know some of them are used as anti-inflammatory ,for rash, for dermatitis etc... but I've never heard they work as bulking agents, you guys probably say that is stupid question lol , but my problem is that I hate needles and swallowing tablets and pills, I want to gain lean mass , thanks for your help.


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There is androgel and also rs transaderm those are good steroid creams that work well. A lot of guys have problems with swallowing pills and even more have a problem with niddles for these guys rs transaderm can be a great option.


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RS Transaderm is perhaps the only topical steroid that's worth it. It is quite effective, and the good part about it is that it has anti-estrogen compounds, so estrogen buildup is not an issue with it, and no additional ancillary drugs are needed with it. Some friends of mine tried it, and they were really content with the results.