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📣 Some say we’re living a testosterone epidemic. Whether be it recreational or medical use, the interest for the hormone has grown dramatically on the last few years. But what are the myths we hear about it most often?

❕ Myth #1: Testosterone injections will give you liver cancer. Unlike most oral steroids, injectable testosterone isn’t 17-alpha alkylated, so it only passes your liver once and is very well tolerated.

❕ Myth #2: TRT will make you sterile and will shrink your testicles. Well, there’s some truth to this one. Although generally temporary, testosterone shots will suppress your own production, while sperm count goes down to almost zero for most people. However, these side effects usually go away within a couple of weeks and can be alleviated with drugs such as Clomid and HCG.

❕ Myth #3: TRT will make you grow breasts. While testosterone aromatizes into estrogen (and this can lead to an increase in breast size), only sensitive individuals will experience it, and it also depends on which form is being used, as longer esters tend to aromatize more. Also, there are inhibitors available to stop this process.

❕ Myth #4: A high level of testosterone will make you a sex machine. Sure, more test you probably make you hornier, but won’t cure premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction or turn you into a better lover.

❕ Myth #5: TRT will make you bald as an eagle. Yes, generally speaking, TRT will increase DHT levels which can lead to hair loss for genetically predisposed individuals. If you’re one of those, simply there isn’t much you can do aside from implants and sooner or later it will fall anyways.
There are other myths which include turning you into a raging behemoth that will destroy anything in your way, giving you all sorts of cancer and health problems, but these will be subject of another article.


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