Time off betweek 2 Ostarine cycles


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Hello Dylan, thanks for all you do! After watching your informative YT videos and browsing sarsm and ped subreddits, I decided to go ahead with my 1st ever sarm cutting cycle:

Weeks 1-4 Ostarine @ 15mg
Weeks 5-8 Ostarine @ 20mg
Weeks 7-8 Cardarine @ 10mg

During cycle I was eating at a 400 calorie deficit and on the scale I never lost a LB but the mirror clearly showed awesome fat loss and muscle gain, apparently at the same rate which is super! My cutting cycle turned into a body recomp and I also made lots of strength and endurance gains. Although majority of the consensus online seemed to be "no PCT required" for a relatively mild solo Osta cycle, what you said about a mini-pct after a sarm cycle in your YT video somehow stuck with me and I started mine in this fashion:

Week 9 Cardarine @ 10mg, Nolva @ 20mg
Week 10-11 Cardarine @ 10mg, Nolva @ 10mg

Currently I'm on 2nd week of PCT and have another week to go. My question is, after a 3-week mini PCT, can I start another 8-week cutting cycle, consisting of 20mg Ostarine and 10mg Cardarine (this time for full 8-week duration)? This would also be followed by a 3 week PCT as before...

Any advice is much appreciated! Thanks in advance!


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you need 4 weeks in between cycles but you need to actually run them properly... they dont even peak until week 8 so stopping then makes absolutely no sense... they are 12 week stacks..


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Roger that! My next cycle will be for 12 weeks instead of 8, followed by 4 week PCT.

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