The pussification of the human genome


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So I'm gonna say this and this is what I believe matters in this life, in this world... "Make yourself someone to admire". Whether it be thru your work ethic, insight, kind nature, financial prowess, be someone to admire. Nobody cares about your likes and dislikes, or mine for that matter. As an individual the sum of our worth is what we do for those we love and care for, when we die... we all fucking die BTW... it kinda started at birth, what legacy we leave behind is what matters. Will our kids remember the kind moments and appreciate the lessons we taught? Did we make someone smile, or laugh?? If you're so wrapped up in yourself that all you care about is your own feelings heed the words of The 44... "You're fucked up bro". Nobody, repeat, NOBODY gives a fuck about your feelings but your mother. Grow the fuck up please. I'm so tired of people writing, or responding that their pussies are hurt from shit someone said, or be careful 44 someone is not gonna care for that... really dude? They are no more important than I, you can't judge me unless you can budge me, or you're God. You're not so go fuck that idea really well and tell me how it works out for you.
"Make yourself someone to admire" then get at me bro. I'm just as fucked up as the day is long, but I take care of my family, provide well and live as I please. I'm nothing special whatsoever, but what I am is a man that fulfills his familial obligations. In today's world you should admire that somewhat. So here's a word of advice if you think the world revolves around your ass... it doesn't. Quit worrying about the next man and advance yourself in some capacity... being successful is the best revenge and success isn't always measured in dollars and cents. "Make yourself someone to admire" you fucking whiner.

The 44
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