The "motivational and feel good" stack from Domestic supply


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Everyone right now is in a crappy mood and it seems working out has taken a back seat. well if you are feeling down and need a stack that will give you that extra motivation and make you feel good (that alpha feeling) where you jump out of bed and want to kick ass I have the stack for you. this isn't the classic test/deca/dbol stack you know, it is a variation.

This is a simple test E, dbol, small dose deca, along with cialis and viagra to give you extra pumps and keep the gf/bf happy. old school and great results.
very simple and gets the job done. all high quality and all available at our friends

Curious about dose and frequency. Please share

that is up to you bro. in this situation a simple 400T, 150Deca, 30mg dbol stack works great. this is why this is the feel good stack from domestic supply

now if you wanted to make deca shine then reverse things around. do 400-500mg deca, 150T and then throw in proviron the whole way.

in either situation if you wanted sick pumps and that alpha feeling you can also throw in viagra/cialis
A nice simple, classic cycle. The great thing is that if you understand the dosing and how these compounds work together, it can actually be a fairly dry cycle.
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