thanks for your videos + question on what I should order


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Hello Dylan,

First off, wanted to thank you for your highly informative videos on youtube. It's now my go whenever I have questions regarding PETs. Was hoping to ask you some questions before I pulled the trigger on your site.

I am coming off my latest cycle (12 weeks @ 400mg testc/week) and am looking into SARMs. I have been on 5iu of HGH as well and have enough to for another 3 months. I've seen some really good size and strength, but still have some problem areas for fat.

I am 36 years old, moderately in shape, weight 230 with about 20% bodyfat. For the last 2 months I have been in the weight gym 6x a week, but more recently have been transitioning to 5x a week crossfit so I can lose some of the stubborn fat (don't really need to bulk up anymore, looking to trim the fat and get my endurance/cardio up).

I was wondering what would be an ideal SARMs stack and at what dosage between cycles (8-12 weeks before I start another test cycle). Should I ditch the HGH if I add MK677, and do I need clomid if I take RAD140? I was thinking about adding GW501516 or SR9009 into the mix as well. Everything around 25mg a day.

Thanks again Dylan.


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yes of course sarms in between cycles is ideal... i have the perfect layout for you as well... you can get everything you need at

1-12 GW-501516 (CARDARINE) 20 mg day dosed once a day in the a.m.
1-12 sr9009 (STENABOLIC) 30 mg day... 5 mg split doses 2-3 hours apart
1-12 S4 (ANDARINE) 50 mg day... split doses... 25 mg in the a.m. and 25 mg 4-6 hours later
1-12 M1 MK by Banned Nutrition

Mini Pct 13-16

M! MK by Banned Nutrition
Cardazol by Banned Nutrition
GW-501516 20 mg day