Thank you 44 and Hippo👍🏻


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Just wanted to give some excellent feedback on my recent purchase from hippocampus. I preferred to use the credit card option, so I read around and heard good remarks about the hippo site and of course others. I placed my order with hippo and used the discount code from 44. The email communication and transaction went very smooth. I didn't expect to receive this order until after the first of the year but it came this week. I could not believe that it made here so quickly with the holidays so close. I opened the box and also found a couple free bottles from hippo. Thank you so much!!!!
I will without doubt, place my next order with hippo and wanted to let others know my experience.

Thank you again,
44 and hippo for the bonus and excellent service.

Have a great Holiday Season to all.
44 never fails. I ordered from Hipo before and I'm about to place my order again.

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There are some delays delivering in your country due to Christmas season, nothing to worry about, but I´m very very glad your package arrived before you expected it :)

Merry Christmas, Slant!