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Hey bro, Love the vids. You always help me out with the info! Really great stuff! I’d like to ask you a question. I got my Testosterone tested last week. Total Test came back a 161. I know that is incredibly low. My stats: I am 30 years old, 5’5 male, 155 lbs. I have two years sober from drugs this month and honestly believe my low testosterone is do to past drug abuse( 8 years of opiates, benzo, and coke). I’d like to boost my T but don’t have the best insurance for treatment . I can get stuff from UGL and was looking to design a trt protocol, not a steroid cycle. I was thinking Sustanon at 150-200 mg a week( spread out in 2 or 3 shots weekly). I will get bloodwork done monthly and monitor E2 as well. I know you wouldn’t recommend this and I should speak to my doc, but in theory would this be an ok TRT protocol to boost my T up to normal range? I’d love to be 800-1000. Hey man thanks for taking the time to read this. Love your stuff.