Testosterone Undecanoate (most underrated test ester) Sold by P.S.L.

This has to be one of my favorite test esters.
1cc a week or even every ten days for a cruise.
2cc a week for some long layered test levels.


I get them from:
Another good use of this product is for people who take long trips. Whether it be business trips or long vacations etc...You often see threads pop up of people asking "Going on 2 week vacation mid cycle...what should I do about my pinning schedule?"

You'll see suggestions like:
-Just pin a fuckload before you leave. (not recommended)
-End your cycle and get on PCT right away. (plausible)
-Mail the gear to yourself (not recommended)
-Pre load several syringes and bring them with you and tell TSA or Customs it's Vitamin B12 (not recommended)
-Don't worry just forget about pinning while you're there and start again when you get home, you'll hardly notice the dip in blood levels. (not recommended)
-The list goes on and on.

Most people know far in advance if they'll be leaving for a while so this should give them plenty of time to transition from their current testosterone ester to Test Undecanoate. This way, by the time they leave they'll be pining once a month or less. Some doctors even space out injections up to 12 weeks apart. This way you can travel stress free and not have to worry about taking anything with you or messing up your levels.
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