testosterone suspension


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hey Dylan I'm form India and I'm a weightlifter. I have lack of knowledge about steroids. i want to know that where testosterone suspension is injected?
Test suspension is not something you use when you "lack of knowledge about steroids".
Please post your full stats, goals, and cycle history.
Mate I dont think you should mess around with gear. It seems you don't know the basics. Hard work and diet brother!
That’s like asking “I’m completing in a street race tomorrow but I don’t know how to drive. Tell me how to use stick shift.”
oh boy... if you lack knowledge on steroids, then please dont even consider using them... this has HUGE mess written all over it.. DO NOT use any steroid whatsoever
Test suspension is for advanced use. You know nothing about even the basics. You have to learn to crawl before you can walk.

You also need to start with your full stats experience and goals
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