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Whats up guys! So during my next cycle I was thinking of adding in TESTOLYZE by species nutrition. Its marketed as a testosterone "optimizer". It states that it is not just a test booster, but it helps the body to manage estrogen and dht. Supposedly helps to balance all the hormones that get out of whack while on cycle. I still plan on using a aromasin during the cycle, so figured this product couldn't hurt. I included a link to the product page below. Any feedback/past experience with the product would be appreciated. THANKS!


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to say that will manage estrogen and dht is way way beyond a stretch... thats up to you... it wont hurt you by any means but dont expect it to do much aside from provide a small amount of extra support but to call it a manager? i dont see that at all


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I’ve spoke to Dave several times in person about some of his products. Testolyze is one that I would definitely try. By manager it means like a balanced. Yes I know it’s all natural stuff so the research is still in the air. But I’ve also seen several people using it and every one said they’d use it again. Natural and enhanced people.
And off cycle it seems to work great as well. Especially in the transition area of coming off of a cycle. I wouldn’t use this solely lol. But a great addition.