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Hey guys,

I'm likely going to be doing my 2nd cycle soon. My first was 350mg test + 400 mg primo per week, with 6 weeks of anavar at the end

First Cycle
1-16 350mg test-e,
1-16 400mg primo
10-16 40mg anavar per day
(Monday/Thursday Pinning Schedule)

3-17 0.5mg arimidex per week
15g fish oil per day (helped with blood pressure)
Milk Thistle 2x per day

I had bloods done every 5 weeks and the doctor said considering what I was on I was in very good health regarding
My results were very good, I got lots of PED accusations haha. I've just finished clomid+hcg+cardarine pct, and am looking to do another cycle in about 6 weeks.

I'm thinking of dropping the test-e dosage and upping the primo dosage, because I was getting noticable face acne towards the end of the cycle, and some water retention which I thought was muscle... but obviously wasn't haha.

I know that Dylan likes primo, because its essnetially test without as much of the side effects, to my understanding, although considerably more expensive. Thankfully, finances aren't a worry for me, I have no problem spending $2000 on a cycle.

So, the reason for this post, I'm thinking of doing a new cycle dosed as follows:
Second Cycle
1-20 test-e 250mg per week
1-20 primo-e 600mg per week
1-4 Tbol 40mg per day
19-22 anavar 40mg per day

3-22 arimidex as required
15g fish oil
milk thistle

Current Stats
72kg (160lbs)
174cm (5 foot 9)
10% Body Fat (Full 6 pack, Xmas Tree Back, seperation in quads, delt and pec striations)

1. What are your thoughts on this cycle? My goals are to put on about 4kg mass and stay lean.
2. Is my test+primo dosage good considering that I am trying to minimise estrogenic sides/androgenic sides
3. I also have access to legit masteron, but I have no interest in looking good on cycle then the hardness disappearing when off cycle. Would this occur with masteron? If not, would it be overkill to add that on top of the test and primo? I dont want to mess up my health because I starting taking too many anabolics.

I'm keen to hear your feedback.
way way way too long of a cycle man.. there's no reason to go any further than that at this point.. 20 weeks is just completely unnecessary... 12-14 weeks is the max this cycle needs/should be ran
PCT needs work as hcg shouldn?t be used in pct. It?s fine to use at end of cycle but it mimics LH so just suppressing you more.

I like the 250/600 test/primo cycle. I wouldn?t go past 12 weeks though man it?s just going to make PCT and recovery afterwards that much longer and harder.

Masteron is fine but it?s gonna be cosmetic mostly so I mean fine to use but like you said it?s not gonna add a lot other than as a hardening agent and already planning var so.
Also don?t start another cycle until you run bloods and typical recovery time is time on cycle + pct = time off so if you can a 4 month cycle and then a 6 week pct you would be looking at over 5 months off or until your post cycle bloods are back to pre cycle numbers.
If you are going to run another cycle only 6 weeks after finishing your PCT, I would keep it a little shorter personally. Either cut it down to like 12 weeks or if you really want to run a long cycle, wait a few more months to run. I typically like to see guys run only 2 cycles per year. You want to be in this long-term so it is best to really let the body recover and spend most of your time "off".
yes... you cant possibly think in any way that when you use a cosmetic that you will keep the results... masteron and winstrol, with the muscle hardening, is not going to be kept when you stop
Bro do some shorter cycles. That's such a long one. You can go perfectly with a 12-16 week cycle
Thanks for the responses.

My Test-E comes in 250mg/ml @ 10ml and I've bought 2 vials. That's the only reason I suggested 20 weeks, but I suppose there is nothing wrong with not finishing a vial.

I have my next blood test booked for about 3 weeks time (approx 5 weeks after finishing PCT).

I have baseline bloods, and my organs (kidney, liver, BP, HDL/LDL etc) were only slightly elevated during my first cycle, considering I was on gear. MY BP didn't even change one bit. My endocrinologist is a PED user (lol) so he always checks everything necessary and has been doing it for 20+ years for his patients.

1. I'm thinking that if my bloods done after PCT are back to baseline, it's safe to begin another cycle?
2. Would you be able to give a bit more insight into my plan of 250 test/ 600 primo for my goals? Is 600 Primo overkill, or a good amount?

1. time on cycle plus pct time = time off you need to give your body time away from steroids man...

2. 600 is the sweet spot
As the others have said, you need proper time off between cycles and the cycles need to be shorter. If you run these long cycles with short breaks, your natural HPTA is going to be screwed.
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