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Test / EQ - adding in NPP and Winny


Planning to kick into a new cycle here soon. Would welcome insight on where / when / dose to include winny and NPP as I?ve seen various layouts. I have never run NPP and last ran winny the final 6 weeks of a test/deca/primo cycle.

My thought:
Weeks 1 - 6 / winny 50mg/ed
Weeks 6 - 18 / NPP 300/wk

Weeks 1 - 18 / test cyp 350/wk
Weeks 1 - 18 / EQ 600/wk
Weeks 1 - 18 / Proviron 50/ed
Weeks 1 - 18 / aromasin 12.5/eod
Weeks 1 - 18 / cardarine 20mg/ed
Weeks 1 - 18 / organ st

Thanks in advance.


why not just use deca here? winstrol would be best the last 6 weeks...

That has been my go to time and time again - test / deca / eq or primo with a winny finish the last 6 weeks. It was shared with me that deca at my age (47) isn?t the best option any longer.

I was initially going to run Tbol for the first 6 weeks but decided on winny based on feedback.


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deca is npp bro.. its the same thing... so whats the difference aside from it being a shorter ester? nothing bro


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That is a lot of gear and for a long time. I'm not sure what your goals are but I would chose either nandrolone or EQ. You probably don't need both. I just like to run more conservative cycles so for me it would be 200-300mg test and 600mg EQ for 12-14 weeks max. I know guys will say to run EQ longer for maximum benefits but I would rather have a better change to recover and run another cycle down the road. With winny, you can run it at the front or the back but I would probably lean towards the back to really show that hardness on the gains you have from the rest of the cycle.


Appreciate the responses and insight DG and Masonic. Valid point, NPP is deca. I had pulled deca out of my initial stack and was going to just run test and eq. Seemed ?light? to me and had never run Tbol or NPP so my plan got a bit upside down, hence the post.
I last ran EQ at 18 weeks and my sides were minimal. Organ st ed kept my bloods in check the entire time. I?m on TRT so the transition was easy. Run Organ st year around.
Masonic?s point makes me think, conservative the best route. I?m 47. Great shape, 6?2, 210, bf11%, train hard 6x/week. Don?t think big when i look in the mirror but apparently I?m not a small man. Trying to reform my thinking that more is not always better and that at some point big is big enough. Sure somebody understands.
My goal with this is to put on a bit more lean mass, usually a good 10-15lbs. Harden up and improve the vascularity.
That all said, let?s revise to be a bit more conservative.
16 weeks
Test cyp - 350/wk
Eq - 600/wk
Proviron - 50mg/ed
Winny - 50mg/ed (last 6 weeks)

I have never run a cycle (15yrs) without deca. Would you include NPP or deca or maybe a good change to go without?

Thanks again brothas.


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I am a big fan of test, deca, eq myself but 18 weeks is a little long. Test and EQ alone is also a great cycle especially if deca gives you sides.