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Test E or Test C?


Ready to do my first AAS cycle. Just your basic Test cycle. I know the consensus seems to be Test E but those that have done Test C seem to love it and are glad the did Cyp. instead of Enth. Thoughts? Long ester, short ester?? Does it matter...really? Thank you.


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E and C are practically identical and are interchangeable. Doesn't matter. Just go with whatever you can get.

Technically Cyp is a tad longer, but not by much.

Stick with a long ester for a first cycle. Get the hang of injections before turning yourself into a pin cushion with short esters.

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Test is Test no matter what form it is but yes there is different esters which means how fast it will get in and out of your blood stream. E and C are structuraly very similar which means they are the same shit both being long Esters.

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Ah the infamous first cycle...Brings back memories lol...If you got things tuned up for yourself it's gonna be a great memorable experience. E or C I've found very little subtleties but like the general opinion I agree not much difference.