Test e 150 Tren e 100 and EQ 150 blend


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Hi Dylan, how are you brother. First of all thanks for all the videos man in my opinion it's the best channel for this topic.
I have a question, I would appreciate it you have time to answer. A friend is using a blend of:
Test e 150
Tren e 100
EQ 150
Blended in 1 bottle.
My question is: is this legit? I have never seen or heard about a blended bottle with all 3. He said he's been using it and having great results, and yes he does look great and getting better, he said he is getting it from a body builder in TX. He wants $175 per bottle, do you thinknits a good legit product? (He did not mention any brands..) and if it's legit, do you have a program on how to use it or can you help me on the dosages?

Thank you for your time.
None can know if it's legit or no...As for how to use it, it's an odd blend and quite difficult to adjust as it will put ur test dosage at same level as EQ(EQ has to be run at 600 mg/ don't need 600 mg of test/week..) and tren duration same as EQ(which is 16 week, too much for tren...).The price isn't great either , so i'd just buy these compounds individually instead of you
there's no way to know if its legit or not... of course blends are made and have been legit but i have no clue about the source etc... not to mention, the ratios are not ideal to run a cycle properly... i DO NOT like the blend ratios at all.. i would never use that personally nor recommend it, even if it is legit..
Sounds like a cool blend to me. I personally love blends because the amount of oil to pin is way less but you're limited to the dosages made by the manufacturer. There's no way of knowing if what you have is real or not. It's definitely doable but I would MOST DEFINITELY would not pay $175.
It all comes down to knowing your source and the quality you're getting, whether you use a blend or anything for that matter
It’s also a very strange blend because of the ester difference. Eq is an extremely long eater. Wouldn’t make sense to blend it with two enanthates. If it was bold cyp it would make far more sense. Stay away from blends in my opinion. Firstly, who knows what’s actually in there. I’ve seen blends with like 7 different compounds in it which is stupid as hell. Who would notice if if was seven things or really only two? And lastly I like to clntr my own dosages and adjust each compound accordingly. If you really want a blend, try and have one made custom by a lab that does that. Most good ugls will make custom blends with a minimum order
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