Hello, my BP is usually elevated to the 140 systolic area on cycle. I been trying to decrease it to 110-120. I been drinking tons of water, healthy diet (now), turmeric, fish oil, Apple cider vinegar and beet root powder. I was advised that Telmisartan is very good to help BP. Have any of you ever used it and if not can you advise a good supplement for BP. I'm trying to get a hold of coq10 and I have started to increase cardio at the gym. I'm also destressing with Indica cause I have my license.


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I would also give n2guard a try as it can really help overall with everything including blood pressure... GW501516 also has great attributes to help with blood pressure and cholesterol while also improving fat loss, metabolism and obviously endurance... you may want to look into nootropics as well especially with a lot of stress on top of needing more focus etc...