Tbol Cycle


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Hey guys

First of all:
Lifting XP: 4 yrs
BF%: 14%
Age: 32
Weight: 175 lbs
Goal: Drop BF% to 10%
Cycle XP: Did a Sustanon only cycle as my first cycle, 325mg pinned weekly for 12 weeks. Felt sluggish most of the time and did not have a good cycle overall

So this time around I?ve decided to go with a test base alternative since injectable Sustanon made me feel like shit at only 325mg per week.

Test Base:
Testosterone Cream 5% applied twice per day - just about enough to qualify as a TRT dose

Oral AAS:
50mg TBol first 2 weeks
60mg next 2 weeks
80mg final 2 weeks

Thinking of adding oral Primo here?

1 serving Organ ST daily

PCT 6 weeks:
Clomid, Nolvadex, 1 serving Post CT

Please let me have your thoughts on this, and thank you.


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Tbol for weight lose??
Doses seem high. Objective seem misguided. I?m not sure but this seems off to me. That?s just my opinion did I read it wrong that your goal is to drop 4 % bf


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Quite honestly, I think you are going to end up feeling worse than last time with this plan.


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If you had a bad experience last time. Why not back up and start off simple.
Maybe stick with something simple like test cyp and Tbol.
Maybe test cyp at 200 once a week with Tbol at maybe week 1-2 40 mg and 4-6 at 50mg. See how that goes before adding a bunch of stuff.
Even better yet. Have you done blood work to see if you might have another problem like low test to start with? If so get that balanced first. Bad dosing will make you feel worse. More is not better.
Some one else will correct my doses if I am off..
Not being a jerk it just seems like you are throwing stuff at a situation and it?s not going to go well.
I would present your full situation here with stats and goals and ask for recommendations.
Of course they will offer Sarms ideas and they tend to make you feel better with less side affects. This is a slow and steady race.
If you try and rush success you will find the path is more difficult and less successful.
Good luck. Again just my opinion.


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you would be far better off using sarms in this situation than steroids.. did you want help with a cycle plan?


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Test cream should never b considered a Test base in an cycle in my opinion. Seems like your trying to justify a cycle without pinning. T-bol and oral primo ? This cycle is trash !