Tbol at the beginning or end of cycle?


Hey guys, almost halfway through my cutting cycle and I always like to plan ahead towards my next blast. Here's the compounds I'm considering using:

Week 1-16 Test C or E: 300- 350mg/wk
Week 1-8 or 10 NPP: 300mg/wk
Week 1-16 EQ: 500-600mg/wk
Week 1-16: Proviron: 50mg/day
Week 1-16 Cardarine: 20mg/day am dosing
Week 1-12: LGD 4033 10mg/day
Week 1-12 Rad 140: 20 mg/day
Week 1-6: Tbol 40-60 mg/day

I would like to run Tbol in this cycle, I initially wanted to run it at the beginning but I'm wondering now if it would be better served at the end for the last 6 weeks? Which in that case I would consider starting lgd and rad later as I want to use them alongside the Tbol.

I had Arimidex, Aromasin, Nolvadex, Caber on hand if needed. Any tips on how to dose Aromasin?
I also prefer it at the beginning. It gives a nice kick start to things and usually pretty low side effects. By the end of a cycle I am looking to wind down the gear, not add more. Just my personal preference.
Thanks for all the responses everyone, enjoying my cutting cycle now but also can't wait for the gyms to open back up and after a long cruise hop into this lean bulk! Very excited to try out Tbol and EQ
Great looking cycle brotha. Ran similar last spring, thinking of running again.
What do LGD and RAD add?
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