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Sust/NPP/Mast Enthenate


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Just want to say glad to be allowed to be a part of this forum and glad a good
Friend showed me Dylan’s YouTube channel last year.

A little history I have done my share of cycles and am 32 years old. I have competed and done pretty well. Anyways I have done similar cycles before but had a second coach after I competed that had me on heavy doses of sust and npp and anadrol before that caused myself to have mild gyno. This cycle was as follows
Sustanon 250 at 1000mg a week 3 months
NPP 600 mg a week
Anadrol 100mg a day for 6 weeks
HGH 10iu/day
Nolvadex Monday Wednesday Fridays because this coach recommended I did use a AI because it hinders gains (he has 100s of clients that compete)
He also had me on a very large peptide cycle after I competed and off the gear
Which included ghrp-6, Igf LR3, Ipamorelin, CJC 1295 with Dac.
I have run a few cycles since with 8 months off between 3-4 month without issue using aromasin 12.5mg e2d.

Never used anything to protect against prolactin in the past 8 years wasn’t smart then and will be Using caber this time. And I feel the small amount of gyno I got from that cycle was from not having a proper AI and now realize it was also probably from having high prolactin from high levels of GH as well.

Sust at 500-750mg a week for 6 weeks
NPP 1ml e2d at 150mg/ml or e3d for 6 weeks
Mast enthenate at 200mg/ml 1ml eod for 6 weeks
Caber at .25mg eod
Aromasin 12.5 ed or e2d

Then switch to test acetate 100mg e2d for 4
Tren ace 50-75mg e2d for 4 weeks then pct

About myself I have been training solid for 13 years started at a weight and height of 5’11” at 150 lbs 18 years old. Competition weight at 28 years old was 182 lbs day of weigh ins
With Eldactone at 3.8% bf 6’. Post comp heaviest was 242lbs at 6’ 16-18% B.f. then was down to 225lbs 7-8% b.f.. Took a year completely off training just about over a year ago weighed 200-205 at 16% b.f. Currently sitting at 202 lbs about 10-14% b.f arms/legs/back/shoulders are lean have abs again but holding a little fat on side of pecs and sides in front of lats. Now 4 weeks of keto and a year of training and last cycle 8 months ago. Have probably done 12-14 cycles. Only compounds I have never tried are halotest pretty much.

Just looking for opinions what you guys think and what you would recommend for adjustments. And I wouldn’t mind adding some GW in

Last cycle ended 8 months ago used
40mg tbol 5 weeks
Test ace 100mg e2d 10 weeks
Mast ace 100mg e2d 8 weeks
Aromasin e2d
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Can you please go back and proofread your post and edit it.

What is your height and weight? What are your body fat? How many is a fair amount of Cycles? What is your training history?


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Bro nothing posted on your attachment. We need your full stats experience and goals before we can advise you


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Pre cycling 4 years of solid supplementation dieting and 5-6 days a week of
Training from 150lbs no muscle mass 5’10” to 175lbs 5’11” around 9% bf

Age 22 first cycle 3 months
Test cyp 400 mg
Dbol 100mg 5 weeks
Nolvadex pct

Start weight 170 end weight 210lbs holding quite
A bit of water but lots of size and still had abs

Age 24 second cycle 3
HGH 4iu 6 months
Test prop 100mg/day 6 weeks
Tren ace 75mg/day 6 weeks
Test prop 100mg e2d rest of cycle
500 iu near end of cycle of hcg twice a week
With clomid and nolva pct

Ended up around 200lbs 8%

Third cycle age 25
HGH 8 iu 8months
Test prop 100 e2d
Tren ace 100 e2d
Arimadex e2d
Hcg 500iu twice a week near end
With clomid pct
Ended up around 205lbs

26 years olds 4th cycle
Test cyp 600mg week
Eq 600mg week
Dbol 100mg 4 weeks
Arimadex e2d
Clomid pct

27-28 precomp cycle (surprised I’m ok after this have had multiple blood work test following this twice a year since with no issues) training had me on this placed 1st in middleweight novice comp 12
Competitors weight 179lbs weigh ins and one month after competed in provincials qualified for nationals placed 3rd in light heavyweight weight was 182lbs

Weeks 1-4
1200mg test cyp
900mg Deca
50mg dbol
1200mg sust
600mg NPP
400mg Mast Enthenate
600mg Sust
60mg tbol
450mg prop
600mg tren enthenate
75mg winni
Test Ace 450mg
Primo 450mg
Tren ace 300mg
Masterone prop 450 mg
Anavar 60mg
Pct and took arimadex throughout

And have done some milder cycles after this with time
Off. My blood work as of last year with over a year off of
Gear test was in normal range.


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Ya I know brotha believe me I regret having done that cycle and having that trainer even though I did well I have been only doing one short cycle a year now and lots of cardio and have my blood pressure under 120 and resting at 80-90 and my blood work each time has shown my cholesterol is very good still. I don’t plan on competing again just want to take care
Of my body now and do a cycle 2-3months a year and take twice the time off. Will always get blood work done a few times a year and going to start donating blood. Goals of now are cycle as stated in post trying to get some mass back and get
Leaner in midsection and lower back. And get rid of The little bit of fat around my lower pecs and keep it off then I will get the little bit of gyno removed in a year or 2. Have already had approval from surgeon to get it done for free but I plan on going to a top quality surgeon and getting it done and paying preferably in Canada.