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greetings to all. i have been out of gym for personal motives and now i want to comeback.i am thinking to do recomp cut cycle for look leaner this summer.i used compounds in the past like test e,test p,tren a ,mast p and winny

i am lookikg to do cycle for recover some mass of the past of years training and be around 8% bf for look good and leaner on summer and i am thinkimg on 1 of these 2 cycles

1 cycle:

1-6 tbol 50 mg day
1-16 test e 125 mg week
1-16 EQ 800 mg week
11-16 tbol 50 mg day
1-18 proviron 50 mg day if i can get it
week 19 PCT

the diet will be perfect as alwaya i count all calories ,proteine hc and fats

the thing is ,with the diet on set and with recom kcals is posible reach 8% bf like on tren cycles? or the cycle with eq is more for bulk cause people say that EQ makes them hungry.I have never used EQ before

the other option is something like

1-6 tbol 50 mg day
1-12 test e 125 mg week
1-12 tren e 800 mg week
1-12 T3 25 mcg day
1-12 caber 0,5 mg twice a day ( i never used tren e ,only tren a the idk if is needed to be continued weeks 13-14
week 15 PCT
can be used caber on pct ? if not the test e time would be 1-14 for let clean the tren for not be hard shutdown on pct cuz the tren

the orher cycles i ever used tren a .is true that tren e produces more sides ?

then people,with macros and train all on set what options would do you preffer?

Ant other cycle advice will be apreciated.thanks and greetings
That?s a lot of tren in cycle #2.

Also tbol is way too long in cycle #1. Proviron I would stop week 16.

I like the test dosages tho.
I think your Tren dose is to high. I would say more like 400-600mg. Test and everything else looks good to me but I also agree with awm about stopping Prov at week 16
how many cycles have you ran? i can tell you right now t3 is not anything you should touch unless you have some sort of thyroid issue
I would take things slow. If you have been out of the gym for a while I wouldn't jump on a massive steroid cycle. I would get back in the gym and train naturally for a while. Get your body back to how it was before you took time away. Then, when you are ready, run something mild.
Out of the gym for awhile and now I just want to jump back on a cycle to loom good for summer huh. Get back to the gym and actually lift consistently is my opinion don?t be another person who just uses gear because they think it?s the easy way to getting in shape.
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