steroids and alcohol


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hi, just woundering, is it bad to drink alcohol when im on steroids, i know that it damage the liver, but i wounder if alcohol makes the steroids convert to estrogen


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Yes and yes... Alcohol is not good for you in the first place and with steroids it's even worse.

A glass of wine or an occasional beer is ok but if it's more than that there will be health problems.


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I actually want to drink less when I’m on cycle for some reason alcohol really doesn’t do well for me when I’m on cycle


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Drinking alcohol while on cycle is negative for many reasons. So you just have to balance what matters to you. Progress and maximizing the cycle or having some drinks. If you keep it to a minumum you minimize any adverse affects. It's much like diet. You can stay on track and the more days or meals that you are not, the more that will adversely affect your results


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I believe there are studies that show alcohol can inhibit muscle growth and development to a small degree. I hardly drink alcohol as it is (One or two cans/bottles per month tops) and plan to stop altogether once I start my first cycle tomorrow. I never cared for drinking in the first place.