Steroidify question


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Hey brothers at PharmaComStore, I am a returning customer who absolutely loves doing business with you guys, I am truly thankful for the exceptional services you guys provide and we dont deserve you guys, Truly I mean this; you're the best in the game. Thank you for all you've done for us.
Having said that, I was wondering if there is anyone who can I can communicate with who can help me place complexed orders. Can we exchange emails for direct communication?
*The reason why is because I wanted to cut my shipping time in half by ordering from certain warehouses so I wanted help in regards to that.
*AlsovI would like to know how can I apply my discounts from using both Bitcoin, and loyalty discount whilst also using the Taz10 discount. Just trying to get as much as I can for as much discounts as I can.
Any help? thanks in advance.

For complex orders you can contact customer service directly at When stacking the bitcoin discount with other discounts it adds as 5% instead of 10% (so with the taz10 code there is a 15% discount). Currently multiple discount codes do not stack with each other.