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I'm stuck between a real rock and a hard place right now. I play a college sport and I am getting looked at by pro teams and I would not be even considering steroids if it were for this new kid on our team from puerto rico who is telling our coaches he is 19 but really he's 25 and juiced out of his mind. It's hard to compete with a guy that is 5 years old than you (I am 20) and on the shit. So i started reading into steroids and I understand I'm not suppose to start steroids until i'm 21 some even say 25 because it's messes up your Testosterone production and you get limp dick. Which I know is not true all the time because I have friends that have been on the shit since high school and seem fine i'm sure their levels are lower than normal when they are off but it doesn't seem to effect them to much. So i'm pretty sure I don't want to do the standard 8 to 12 week cycle of test and maybe anther compound because of the shut down it causes. I've just recently read a forum about shorts cycles like 2 week cycle with fast acting drugs that don't shut you down they just slightly suppress your natural testosterone which i understand is an easy fixed with clomid, one guy said he put on 10 pounds in two weeks and kept 9. While i'm not look for a lot of size i'm looking for more speed and strength gains. I was just wondering if you think the two weeks cycle will actually not shut me down and will be worth it and if so what drugs would advise for a cycle like this? BTW I am 5'10 185 with 8.6 percent body fat.


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For athletes steroids are waste of time now. They only cause noticeable side effect that will let your coaches know you are juicing big time. if you want to completely hide the use of performance enhancement drugs then you should use sarms. they will provide all of the benefits of steroids without any of the common side-effects that let everybody know you are juicing.

For a guy at your competitive level, you need a nice stack of Ostarine, GW and s4.

the ostarine will heal your bones and keep your joint young so you have many more years of playing.

the GW-501516 will increase your cardio endurance and make you leaner gorwing much muscle

the s4 will recover you after every practice. when you go home after practice and take half a cc of s4 you will recover fully 100% and come back the next day to wreck practice.

this is the best sarms stack to use in your case.

the only place to get legitimate sarms is most other places are using prohormones in their products and guys are getting gyno and other side effects that sarms do not cause. be careful do not buy anywhere else.