Sourcing legit sarms in the UK safely


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Hi guys

Forgive my post this may or may not be a question I can answer myself but Google and searches always seems to throw up different answers, so why not ask the guys with the experience right?

Background I'm coming up to 30s in the UK I have cystic fibrosis, diabetes and liver disease... lung function and health is brilliant I work hard, train hard, play football once a week as well as my gymming and just like any normal guy! Myy lungs and liver are good and diabetes control is perfect. I'm very lucky compared to a lot of CF guys!

I have been training for around 3 years now I am 5 foot 6 and move between 72kg and 74kg and I've hit 100kg/110kg plus on bench press. I've built some mass and done very well but looking to achieve more generally stick around 10% to 11% bf... I've started working with a PT and I've made the decision to challenge myself to see what I can achieve size and strength wise. I think with the CF and being in my 30s gaining mass is going to get harder. I'm very interested in trying SARMS as I've tried Dbol and Anavar in the past they didn't agree with me sides wise and the liver numbers climbed a bit as well as blood pressure... all good now back to normal but enough to tell me not to go near oral roids again.

I am honest with my doctor I don't mess around and as someone with CF achieving what I do it's kind of almost like research or the unknown for my medical practitioners what I do and achieve.

I want to source SARMS here in the UK but read a lot of roids and prohormones are sold under false sarms names on many sites. The lack of strain on the kidneys and liver are a draw but obviously I've read test levels and other variables are still played with. Maybe one day I'll try proper test injectiable cycles but sarms are what I'd like to consider for now. It's actually something my doctor is interested seeing what a CF patient can achieve but obviously not going to recommend things like this too me.