Sometimes simple is all you need


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Hey, guys been a while. Well anyways I didn't run a cycle for about seven months. Then decided to hop on the bicycle again. I faced the question what should I run. Well anyways I decided to keep it simple didn't feel like mixing and spending shit loads of cash. Well anyways I ran 600mg test and some whinny at the tail end. I went from 190 to 215 in those 12 weeks at about 3000-3500 calories a day. Best cycle I have ever ran, quality mass, no sides, no worries and no stress. Sometimes simple is where it is at. I'll find out in about three weeks how much I will keep but I'm betting I'll be around 205-208. Sometimes I think we over complicate this shit and miss are goals because of it. Work hard and stay safe.

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This is a great point. I honestly wish my body could handle high dosages of test (being it's the most natural AAS) but for whatever reason either the increased test or the addition of aromasin brings out the sides for me. People definitely rely heavily on compounds and forget that proper training and nutrition will get you where you want to be.
nice bro... thats too much test for me but i like the fact you kept it so simple... a little bit goes a long way and i wish more people realized and understood that
I agree I think keeping it simple is best I think now and days people rely to heavy on the amount of gear used and use that as an excuse to slack In there training Back in Arnolds day they used half the gear and still looked great by training hard and maximizing genetics. I know a few guys who run Stupid amounts of gear and still look like shit because they don’t train half as hard as me and I also use 1/3 the gear
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