So I had a major injury!


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I play semi professional football in Romania. And two weeks ago severely fractured my tibula, so I've been on bed rest for the next six weeks can't walk etc. So ive been doing dumbell work in bed. This is the rub, I adjusted my calories to 2500 a day to prevent from getting fat and just to maintain what I have. And I'm loosing weight, I'm afraid to bump to the calories up because I don't want to be a fat ass after recovery. So someone told me that bone healing is one of the most calories intensive things the body could do and bump it to around 4000 calories a day. Anybody ever heard of bone recovery requiring so much calories to complete?

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Sorry to hear about the injury bro, I certainly haven't heard about broken bones requiring more calories for repair.

I'm not a doctor but as far as I can see the broken bone will merely absorb calcium from the bloodstream to mend over a period of weeks so I can't see where the energy expenditure comes in.
its actually true what you were told... your body needs more protein and calcium.. ive read about this quite a lot actually and many of the top surgeons say the same exact thing about your body needing far more nutrition to heal... some say higher than others do but they definitely seem to all say the same thing... you absolutely need a multivitamin as well... really sorry to hear about the injury man
Okay that explains the weight loss and it's fat loss according to my fiance, now don't be breaking your legs for a cut now. This shit sucks

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