Slyder's YK11 and S23 Sarms.Forsale Log


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I am very excited to start tomorrow.
I let covid get the best of my last cycle. I started YK11 the covid happened. So I got off cycle.
Gyms are back open and I am ready. Went only 3 out of 5 days this week just to see how it is going. I am pleased with the steps the gym and people are taking so I am going full throttle. Last 2 years I hit it pretty hard but consistency seemed to keep me from really being sore. Took last few weeks off and only really did cardio.
After three days of gym this week I am sore as shit!!!!
I will post my stats on Sunday. Day after tomorrow. This will be my base line then I will post updated stats every Sunday.
12 week cycle.
YK11 10 mg daily, split dose
S23 20 mg daily, split dose.
Gw daily,morning dose only
I am on TRT so no pct needed.

All SARMS are from sarms4sale
Excellent customer service, super easy to order from and incredibly fast shipping.

Doing these dose cause this is they way they sell them. Trying to give solid feed back on the products together and used they way they are sold.

Did bloods last week. All is good and ready to rock!
Great stack choice! I haven't run it yet but the S23 and YK11 combo sounds awesome. I run GW with almost every cycle so this seems like a perfect fit. Keep us updated buddy. You are going to love this stack I am sure.
Decided to go ahead and get my stats today. Went to the gym and did a chest work out this morning. Going back this afternoon for shoulders.

53 years old
6 foot tall
184 lb
7.5 bf
Wow it feels great to get back in the gym!!
I got in a chest work out this morning at one gym. Ate lunch, then took a nap in my chair. Family was gone most of the day. Then went to my other gym and got in a shoulder work out and 20 minutes of dry sauna and some ab work.
I really missed the sauna.
Might mix in a little pool time tomorrow. Everything is still limited numbers, but it?s not crazy busy. Really great to be back at it. Of course may not be able to lift my arms tomorrow, ha ha ha , grrrrrr!
Stay strong!
Felt great first few days. Saturday 2 work outs, Sunday 2 work outs. Monday one am work out. Then spent time with family.
I eat well most of the time. I plan when I?m going to go off track. Memorial Day went as planned.
Ate burgers, hot dogs, chips and queso. Followed by cobbler and ice cream. Threw in some watermelon just to make it not all bad!!
Oh ya I tore it up. Gut is jacked but that?s ok. Funny thing, I weighed this morning. 6 lbs in one day.
The body is an amazing machine. Back on track with food today and headed to the gym.
I don?t let those crazy days bug me. I know how to work the body and diet and it will fall back in line shortly. Took me two years to get this way and now it?s enjoyable.
excellent brother! im loving being back in the gym too! keep up the great work and keep the updates coming
Things are going well. I had good work outs every day this week.
Today is Friday I decided since I hit it hard all week I would relax today. Went to the gym and sat in the dry sauna and still did some abs work. Then layed out by the pool and took a pool side nap. Very relaxing. Always good to keep the mind right.
Tomorrow I will hit it again in the gym. I will also do my weekly weigh in on the in body machine and see where I am.
I am pretty sure I already over came the Memorial Day feast. My diet has been good all week.
Till tomorrows up date.
Stay strong!!
Very good work out today.
After coming back from the covid break. I had to drop the weight on most of my work out. Today I was back. Even added a few pounds to a few things. Today did a few lifts I don?t normally do. Being older and having some body limitations I avoid certain things. Today I tried some new stuff and they went well.
So far I am doing well. Placebo is a real thing. However I am hoping things are starting to kick in. If I continue to feel in the gym like I did today I will definitely say it is happening.
I am forcing my self to eat more. Hoping this will help build muscle. Staying lean makes me feel better about my self. It also limits the amount of muscle you can build.
No I am not doing a dirty bulk. I don?t feel at my age that is the smart way. Just trying to feed the muscles with protein and the needed carbs. Finding this balance is something I am still learning.
Y?all Stay strong!!
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Never good to dirty bulk. You're going about it the right way. Its important fo get your calories in. Just dont overdo it
I have a maintenance calorie of about 2500 daily when working out.
Now I am shooting for about 3000.
Trying to keep protein 50-60 perecnt.
Splitting the rest with carbs and fat. Watching fats and carbs to be good ones.
I typically meal prep for 5-6 days a week. This week is a little off cause of my schedule. Today didn?t take any food to work. Ended up stopping at stir for rotisserie chicken. Ended up eating whole thing for lunch.
Typical day is
Breakfast oatmeal and egg whites
Snack banana and apple with chicken breast or boiled eggs.
Lunch chicken breast and veggies maybe brown rice.
Snack rice cakes with fit PB and honey.
Evening work out
Protein shack after work or maybe a dinner.
This is the base of my day.
Some salads with chicken breast or tuna.
Some tuna on lavash bread.
Occasionally fish, pasta and other veggies
Any suggestions of foods to put in my arsenal is greatly appreciated.
Protein ideas need expanding!
I keep it simple at work. Not always able to fix something or heat it up. I put everything in ziplock and am able to eat cold if needed.
Another great chest work out this morning. Going to hit the dry sauna for som ab work.
Then go lay by the pool and get a nap!
Hoping to back this afternoon for a shoulder work out.
I am spoiling my self with this two different style gyms.
Got on the in body machine for this weeks numbers.
Weight 187.6 already ate twice this morning.
Bf. 8 %
SMM 98.3

Been a crazy week at my house. Youngest graduated high school. Lots of family gatherings so several days of not great food choices. She has kept me busy making decorations,displays and stuff for her graduation party this weekend. My wife and oldest daughter are event planners and I am pretty handy in the garage, shop. So party?s are never a small event and some how ends up being a lot of side work for me. Being the only male in the house is rough some times.
It?s all good.
My ladies are worth the headaches they give me.
So that means work outs and eating has scraficed a bit a.
I am done building and the party is tomorrow. Today will be 2 awesome work out. Tomorrow will be one big am work out.
Thanks guys. I am walking in the gym now for my Sunday morning work out. The kind words always give that extra push to keep it up.
Stay strong!!!
Had another awesome work out today. Did bicep tricep. Solid hour or more. Then dry sauna 20 minute. Headed out to the pool for a little sun and nap.
Was feeling great after my work out. On the way to the locker room I stopped at the in body machine. I could tell the body felt better than yesterday. So for grins I ran the numbers.
186.5 lbs
99 SMM
7.2 bf.
I always say there is no exact way to figure out bf and muscle mass. Unless you have access to a lab.
I use this machine. I always try and use same machine at same time of day once a week. I take all the numbers with a grain of salt. Only use them as a guide. I know I didn?t gain a pound of muscle over night.
I have seen a consistent growth over the last couple years.
I can see when I?m slipping or when I need to get back on track. Then there are days like today. I just wanted to feel good about my self.
At the end of this cycle we will look at all the numbers do some averages and get final results. This is how I like to do it.
Today has been great. No come the hard part. My daughter is having her graduation party at a local coffee shop.
Friends and family will join for some coffee, cup cakes, donuts, little pies and other goodies.
Damn these young kids that can eat all those yummys. I will have something but not go crazy.
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