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Hello Dylan,

first I'd like to thank you for your remarkable work and for the effort you put in your videos, they really help a lot!

I I really appreciate the fact that you seem very careful, and the advice you give concerning dosages and so on, are always very conservative and safe.

Let me introduce myself in order for you to know who you're dealing with and advise me better.
I'm from Luxembourg in Europe, and english is only my fourth language so I'm not an expert when it comes to express myself clearly. You may have noticed already, :)

I just finished my first cycle of Testosterone only at 250mg/week for 16 weeks. Actually slightly higher since I injected 125mg e3d in order to keep my blood levels perfectly in balance and since I kind of enjoyed the process of pinning, lol call me a freak!

I'm in my PCT right now which I started 2 weeks after my last injection with clomid and tamoxifen. Clomid for 4 weeks: 100/50/50/50 am Tamox for 6 weeks: 20/20/20/20/20/20. I didn't take HCG.

This protocol I have it from a german guy who does the same kind of video's than you do, who's pretty known to be pretty cautious.

Now why do I contact you? Well, because I'm thinking about my next cycle and I try to plan everything in advance so that I dont end up rushing through the process and doing mistakes like I did already in my first cycle: I forgot to take HCG on the last four weeks of cycle which would have helped me after such a long period to restart better. I had HCG on hand but I couldn't get bacteriostatic water anywhere... And I prefered not taking it, than taking the complete 5000iU at once (or split in two), just like the old school guys would recommend. A friend of mine did it like that, not the best way to do it, as far as I informed myself.

So for my second cycle I still want to keep it low, I'm not in a hurry so I really dont plan on doing some crazy shit like the classic (Dbol, Sustanon and Deca) for youngsters that want to explode.

I'm 28 years old, 188cm, 110kg and around 15% of BF. I train since about 8-10 years switching between kickboxing and hitting the gym, and since 3-4 years I train specifically in powerlifting style and I want to start competing this year.

Why did I start taking steroids? Well, I can say that overall I'm genetically not blessed at all. Even though people claim that such things as ectomorphe or hardgainers dont exist, I'm convinced it does. My best friend (who's a genetical freak) and I live in the same room for two years in military academy and we both did the same amount of sport everyday, ate roughly the same foods took the same supplements and slept almost the same. I ended up being completely overtrained and sick while he was breaking PR's and winning Kickbox fights. And yes, he was natty I know it for sure! Still today, even if he focused on kickboxing and hits the gym once a week for some squats some bench an some pullups he has 45 cm arms and traps like a freaking bull. I still haven't god 21 inches arms, even if I bench press close grip 100kg for reps and overheadpress almost my bodyweight....triceps wouldn't grow.

The reason for my high BF percentage is not a "bad diet" whatsoever, but a result of a constant state of bulking and overfeeding myself in order to make the slightest progress. I could go down to 10% BF in a month or two since I have such a quick metabolism, but it would be detrimental to all my lifts and gains and it would take me MONTHS to get back to my level. So I'd rather stay at 15-20% BF even if it's not optimal because of the high aromatizing risk.

Regarding my nutrition (and supplementation), I own a degree in sport nutrition and even before that I used to read every single article or book that I could find about the subject so I'm pretty informed about what I'm doing and what putting in my mouth.

Additionaly I train in a high level powerlifting training facility, where each and every trainee has his training monitorized, analysed with softwares, progress tracked on a daily basis and training programms adapted to every needs. I train with the programm Wendler 5/3/1 since 2 years, because it's a program that gives me steady results. It's the Equipoise of the programms :D : slow and steady progress, with no big risk of side effects, such as overtraining.

I can't talk precisely about what exactly I'm doing for a living, but I have a military background, and I work morning shifts, day shifts and night shifts, with extra hours being a comletely normal thing (30-40 extra hours per month is an average, and last month it went up to 89 extra hours).... So not really the best environment for a healthy lifestyle and to progress in the gym.

After being in the job for 4 years now, I realised how I was really busting my a** off, and how taxing for the body it is. Fact is, I wont change the job in the next 5 years so I have to deal with the stress.

And in order to be more performant and on the edge I decided (after more than a year of studying the subject) to try testosteron as a performance enhancing drug, in every day life.
Be sure that I tried EVERYTHING from swithcing my diet, do eating more, or less, or differently or adding more vitamins, sleeping 10-12 hours per night (when I had the opportunity), decreasing sport, increasing sports, switching the training style and so on....nothing worked, everything just made me regress, because at some point kt's too much for the body.

Fact is, I HAVE to be performant in my everyday life, I dont have a desk job or something like that. Just think of US Navy Seals for example. These guys CANNOT have a "bad" day or whatever, and they for sure dont survive on some food, water and vitamins. They are elite fighters and need to perform at an elite level so I'm pretty convinced that their medical staff doesnt supply them with only Vitamin C, if you know what I mean.

I use steroids as a help, to compensate a harsh life and job. I know it's really not the best way to take them and there is always that argument of "but at some point you need to get off the juice, what will you do during that period?" but I'd rather live good for 6 months and live another 6 months in a mediocre way, than not feeling great year round. It's also mentally very relieving to know that even if the time now (PCT an off time) is hard, it will be fun again in some months.

Needless to say that my first cycle was fantastic and provided me with everything I expected, energy, better quality of sleep, good gym sessions, awesome recovery, good mood and great sex life (which tends to suffer hard, because of my lifestyle).

What do I plan for the future? Well I'd like to get more familiar with some AAS, cycle on and off for some time until I could call myself "advanced" and then maybe start blasting and cruising in order to be "on" longer and have an improved quality of life. At some point like I said I will be able to change my job and I wont need to be on PED's anymore for my everyday life. Either I'll stop them, or just use them for gym purposes and at some point for anti aging...

So now that you have a better understanding of who I am and what my situation is and what my goals are I'll (finally) come to speak about steroids.

I wanted to start my next cycle the first of July 2017, even if august would probably be better because of the time on vs time off ratio.

I thought about doing 375mg of test (1 and a half ampule) + 400mg of EQ for 16 weeks.

Now you may notice that I play it safe here, maybe too safe.

First question: will I notice 375mg of test compared to 250mg, or should I go higher. Do the androgen receptors get used to dosages, or will they be kind of resetted after 16 weeks?

Second question: is 400mg of EQ too low? The goal of EQ would be to lubricate the joint and add lean mass on top with very little side effetcs. I'd like to stay away from Nandrolon atm, since it apparently really suppressiv and I also dont want to get too bulky (since I'm constantly eating big, to keep my size).

Note that I will make my first powerlifting competition on the 12th of november and I'd like to be "on". It will not be a tested federation.

I'd also like to stay away from harsh compounds or strong DHT's and orals. I'm fine with injections, and I anyway have a VERY sensitive stomach.

I want to keep it simple to be able to progress over a longer period of time.
Compounds that I'm interested in are: Test, EQ, definately Primo even if it's expensive and winstrol. Maybe Deca at some point. I tend to be very moody so I stay away from Tren :) I dont wanna use SARMs.

I'm also reading alot of books about steroids at the moment, maybe you could suggest me some good literature about the subject.

Well, sorry for my long message, but I prefer to be clear about stuff and letting people know the right informations if I ask for advice.


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brother, i have to tell you, i get thousands of questions per day... i cannot possibly read something of this length... im more than happy to help but bro, you have to be reasonable here... im not just able to be at people's beckon call and treat it as though they are a client or something... this length of message would be for that situation, not for someone giving back to everyone 7 days a week... so im going to just have to skip the narrative... i appreciate giving pertinent info but this is way overkill...

350 mg is what many of us use with great success and you will notice a difference from 250 but you can definitely go to 500, just make sure to control estrogen...

your eq is way too low and rather pointless... 600 would be the minimum but 800 is the sweet spot... not sure what kind of lubricating of joints you expect with eq but don't use it for that purpose or you will be highly disappointed... you are limiting yourself with no nandrolones and no sarms.. so im not sure what else you want me to tell you... i have put out an encyclopedia of information on every topic you can imagine and they are all on youtube... very easy to search and find...


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You definitely want to raise that EQ dose to 600-800mg. Test dose is fine and I'd stay around 350-400. Cycle needs to be 16 weeks. If also add in some sarms to the cycle. This is how I'd run everything

1–16 test c 400mg per week
1-16 EQ 600mg per week
1-16 Aromasin 12.5mg EOD
1-12 lgd-4033 10 mg day dosed once a day in the a.m.
1-12 S4 50 mg day... split doses... 25 mg in the a.m. and 25 mg in the p.m.

14-18 HCG 500iu twice per week

19-22 PCT

Clomid 50/50/25/25
Nolva 40/20/20/20
Aromasin 12.5mg EOD
MK-2866 25mg ED
GW 20mg ED


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Big thanks for the input guys.

@Dylan: Sorry for the long message, I tend to forget that your time is limited due to all the requests you get.

@RickRock: thanks for the advice. Any reason why I should go with Aromasin instead of Arimidex? Aromasin tends to kill estrogen too much, no?

Thanks guys!!