Second Blast Critique


Yo! I will be starting my second blast here soon and have a question about the test dose. Been on doctor prescribed TRT for over two years now at 180mg per week. I will continue my test cyp and add in a few other compounds. My blast will consist of the following:

1-8 Test P 50mg eod (355mg per week with test cyp)
1-8 NPP 100mg eod
1-8 Proviron 50mg ed
1-8 Aromasin 12.5 eod (will adjust if needed)
1-4 Anavar 50mg ed (may run 5-6 weeks based on bloods after week 3)

No PCT, back to just TRT dose after week 8.

I also have Caber on hand, but did not need it for my first blast and the NPP was ran at the same dose.

So my main question is should I keep the Test P at 50mg eod, or should I run it at 100mg eod as I was originally planning? Running the Test P at 100mg along with the Test Cyp would bring weekly total to 530mg a week.

Age: 35
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 195
BF: 12-14% (will be slightly lower when I start)
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Depends on desired outcome. I like the 355mg/week but you could push to 530mg its really personal preference.


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75 -100 mg eod is a very good range but YOU DO WHAT IS COMFORTABLE FOR YOU BRO... thats whats most important... i would not go over 100 mg eod of either test or npp though


Prop works really fast so start with 50mg eod and get a feel for it before you increase the dosage.