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Don't use scienceBio! I was in middle of a cycle of Rad140 that I had purchased from sarms4sale at the time I only purchased 2 bottles. I was running low so went to purchase another and it must have been between productions because I couldn't get it. I foolishly bought a bottle from Sciencebio and a week later knew something wasn't right. I stopped taking it and went to get some labs done. They were without a doubt oral steroids. Do yourself a favor and buy everything you need to complete the cycle upfront from sarms4sale.


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Im glad you posted this because they science bio is one of the worst damn companies out there... Thank you for posting this man


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I've never used Sciencebio so I can't say for certain anything about their products but I have used SARMS4Sale and they gave great products. I've been happy with everything.


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We have been saying this forever man. Do not use those guys. We are so lucky to have a great approved source here in sarms.forale

Great quality and I love that they post the COA right on their website.


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Seriously man thanks for posting and this is a great post because it lets people see we aren't blowing smoke up anyone's ass when we preach about only use as its proven and trusted, also next time just wait till you get everything you need for a complete cycle even if you have to wait