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Sarms Trade Names and Acronyms


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I wanted to provide a list of all SARMS Trade Names and Acronyms for everyone to have as a reference guide!

Gw501516 = Cardarine

S4= Andarine

Gw0742 = Lipoline

Sr9011 = Metabol

ACP-105 = Vasculine

Lgd3303 = Megabolic

Yk11 = Myobol

S23 = Ultrabolic

Rad150 = Sustalone

MK677 - Nutrobal

Rad140- Testolone

Sr9009 - Stenabolic

Lgd-4033 - Anabolicum

Mk2866 - Ostarine, Ostabolic

Fella Finn

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Thank you for the continuous education you provide! I was not aware of many of these names! THANK YOU SIR, YOU ARE THE BEST!


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bros damn! nice names I LOVE these
who put these together is a genius like super hardcore
some names remind me of oldschool gear too NICE NICE!


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sweet sweet for sure I agree with the guys
these names are hardcore and properly laid out
genius naming very very well done