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Sarms question


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Hello, I watch your educational videos very informative thank you. I?m 53, I take TRT for 10 years and now just started using MK677. I?m interested in YK 11. In your video you mention YK 11 may have libido issues, I?m 53 dude I do not want libido issues. I?d like to definitely get stronger and make some good gains I take it estrogen blocker. And if I was to use YK 11 in a slow and low sensible manner do you think the side effects are something to be concerned about


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As Dylan stated you only get libido issues in some cases if you run it solo and are not on TRT as it is more suppressive than other sarms (except for S23 that is the most suppressive).

However since on TRT you have exogenous test being put into your system so you shouldnt see a libido issue.


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I ran YK-11 and never had any libido or ED issues. I got it from and had an amazing cycle only at 10mg per day!