Sarms legality


I?m trying to get into law enforcement and as such need to take a polygraph at some point during the process. I don?t want to give myself any reason to trip up and fail the polygraph because I know they?ll ask about steroids and illegal drug use. I know Sarms are illegal to sell unless they are classified as for research purposes only but are they technically illegal to use in the US?
The polygraph may not ask you about steroids man they don?t ask you every single thing on the PHS packet you filled out. There is a good chance they won?t ask about that.
Just be calm you will pass with no issue.l believe it?s only like 10 questions of that they ask you on the poly. I am Law enforcement myself
As of now, they are NOT a controlled substance. So to answer your question, they are not illegal to posses
They are research chemicals. Not approved for human consumption but not illegal. Definitely a grey area
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