Sarms for 18 year old?


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I am 18 and have been running a begineer program for about 6 months now. Weigh 90kg at 6 foot. I was thinking of getting some SARMS cause I have heard of how good the results is and side effects are minimal. What would be the best one thats not to suppressive and wouldn't require PCT but would help to lose fat and gain some muscle.


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It makes no sense to suppress your natural Test levels when they are the highest they will ever be in your lifetime. You're better off using nothing and build a solid foundation naturally and later on in a few years you can use SARMS to take things to the next level. You're just at level 1 bro... Have some patience and enjoy the ride.


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LOLLL 6 months? come on dude, thats just so ridiculous, i dont even know where to start, not to mention being a teenager... just stop acting ridiculous, please...


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Ypure way too young AND you need to spend a lot more time in the gym.....YEARS to build a sufficient natural base and foundation. You're a long ways from that