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SARMS Duos The Series: The best recomp stack:LGD and S4: A new video by Dylan Gemelli


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It doesn't get any better than that sarms combo. They just work so well together


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I can't find the video on your channel on the youtube app on my phone (i can't click the link you gave because im using a work PC). How long ago was it uploaded?

I've started watching a view of your videos, just to gather a knowledge base and really liking them. One thing I would suggest (if possible), is turning up the mic sensitivity as I have it on full volume on my earphones and struggle to hear it 100% clearly in the work canteen :)
Great stack!! Lgd is my personal favorite. Videos and info are such a great asset and resource here. Widespread accessibility I believe you can't put a price on. It's nice to witness this here at Isarms done so generously. Great job Dylan and to your whole team! Thank you.


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I've run them both together alongside gear and I literally never looked harder, more pumped, or felt more beast like than when using these in conjunction with my gear. Literally looked like I could pick up and toss engine blocks as a past time. Great video and information!