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Sarms cycle for a female


My girl is looking to drop a fair amount of weight after being pregnant. She started pretty high at around 260lbs at 5'9. After 5 months she is now sitting at about 180lbs. She is still dropping weight every week (about 2lbs a week at this point) but she feels as like its not coming off fast enough. She was 155 before her pregnancy but her goal is 135. She used to be very athletic. Right now she is doing about 3 hours of cardio a week with light weights before cardio. I tried to tell her to be patient and not to drop her calories too low but she isn't even eating the full portions I have been prepping her anymore (refusing to eat all her carbs).

She agreed to hit all the macros I planned for her if she could start a 12 week sarms stack. I'm thinking 180lbs is too early for Sarms to reach 135. Her bodyfat idk maybe 35%. Her protein and carbs are supposed to be 150g and 40g fat at this point. I'm thinking 20mg of SR, GW, and osta a day would be best but I'm honestly not sure. She has done var years ago. Should the osta be replaced with S4 or maybe even var? Is 20mg osta too much? I'm thinking less is better here but idk.

Diet advise is appreciated too, thank you.


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is she still breastfeeding? that would be a good start up for her the triple stack and maybe add the sr9009 to increase her metabolism


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id say the triple stack with an addition of sr9009 would be awesome and the overall well being feeling she will have is awesome as well. and her cardio will go up as well


My girl breaks out from s4 but loves the effects she got from it. However I would recommend just upping cardio and getting her to eat more disciplined first. It wouldn't hurt to add SARMS but I would fix the other issues first.

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