Sarms and TRT


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I have taken trt for 2 years now and occasionally blasting.
I tried sarms before but wanted more information. The last time jan, feb, into mid march. I took Rad140 and LGD standard dose. Split into twice
a day.
I completely crashed. Its been 4 weeks now without the sarms and 5.5 weeks without test. Took hcg, nolva and clomid to get my boys back.
Today is 1st day without any of it. Body is still sore everyday and dont feel 100 percent.

My question is.. is it safe to start ostarine? I was going to start it for 4 weeks then start my trt again.
Any other suggestions would be appreciated.
Stats.. 6ft 2in 235lb
As it gets warmer my cardio will pick up more.
I just wanted to see if i could recover better. My snake wasnt spitting the same at the end of sarm cycle. So i was just trying a reset.
Is your trt doctor prescribed? You cant be on for two years, then come off and expect it to be smooth
bro, you dont have a clue what you are doing and you are going to just fuck your shit up worse and worse.. you need to get back on trt...

where did you get your sarms you used last?
Dylan the last time LGD was from sciencebio. RAD was from combat labz. Then 4-8weeks both were from total nutrition.
I'm worried that if i don't take a small break every once in a while I will not be able to have any kids. I have heard that you cant once you start TRT.

So i was reaching out to ask you advice. Dylan I know I do not know what I am doing that is the point of me asking a forum.
Ok so likely you go prohormones which is why you feel kinda shitty. is know for that. Never heard of the other 2 sarms sources but id guess what you took wasnt real sarms.

For TRT you need to stay on that dose for life its not optional. If you need TRT it means your body isnt producing enough LH/FSH to produce test naturally so you need to keep taking it.

WHat were you LH/FSH and total/free test levels before going on TRT? You can use HCG while on TRT to try and have kids but its not a given.
Back in Nov. 2017 free was 8.5 and LH was .1

ScienceBio shows their labs test online sir. I thought that was legit.

What sources are your favorites?
So was before. They are same company and notorious for selling fakes sarms along with Proven Peptides, purerawz, and many many others. here is legit. I?m running their stuff right now and have a lot going. I?ve tried a lot of different sources both fake and legit and their sarms are top notch.

Also I buy all my stuff so my log isn?t a paid to say nice things it?s 100% unbiased feedback.

I always say if you like a source stay with it but make sure to run bloods as real sarms will not impact your liver enzymes where pro hormones and oral steroids will. They are toxic to your body which is why many people feel like shit, complain about headaches (usually high blood pressure due to the pro hormone/oral steroid) , etc
Yeah you likely got prohormones and coming off trt once and a while won't help you.