Sarms and PCT question


Dylan got a few questions regarding a Sarm cycle i'm running atm .
39 years old
training on /off since 19 however been serious last 12 months
5 days a week
5 foot 9
12 % BF
no previous cycle history

Into week 4 of a bulk cycle you recommended on one of your informative videos currently running
LGD-4033 10mg/daily for 12 weeks
RAD-140 20mg/daily for 8 weeks increasing to 25 mg/daily weeks 9-12

Already seen some impressive results currently 6.5lbs heavier and alot stronger and fuller looking .
Only side effects i've seen to date are some joint awareness (nothing too bad ) and weeks 1-3 appetite increase was crazy but has levelled out now .

One of my questions is i was Thinking of running GW also from week 6 as i'm overseas in May and wouldn't mind leaning out abit so I would have 6 weeks of it on cycle then a additional 4 weeks in PCT

weeks 9-12
post CT (I already have delivered - thanks )

PCT weeks 13-16 (starting april 23)

Mini pct 13-16
Clomid 50/25/25/25
GW 20mg per day
MK2866 20mg per day for 4 weeks only
Would I need to run Nolva also ?

Thanks for the quick response . One other question did some bloods before I jumped on cycle was wondering do I do bloods again straight after cycle ie end week 12 or after PCT ie end week 16 ?
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