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SARMS 4033 (Ligandrol) HELP


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i have been lifting for 1 year now And i kinda wanna take it to the next level. Im 20 years old just to get it out there i train 6 days a week. im 6.3 and about 180 pounds. I have seen so many reviews and mostly posetive, some bad ofc. But the side effect thats what im concerned about. (i know its side effect in any steroids)
suppression high blood pressure, acne, kindey etc. Lets say i go on an 6-12 week cycle 10mg have a pct f.eks clomid 50/25/25/25 am i gonna recover from that. Im also afraid if i take this step, am i gonna get the real deal i have seen some products by Olympus labs got good rep, seems legit.

Some thoughts

English is not my native language i know its bad...


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i woulndt use anything at at only 20 years old man... 1 year of lifting is nothing... absolutely nothing... you need to put some real time and work in first and get a bit older


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Yes i agree. The sad thing is my gym friends are on shit, and i see the progress they are making. So the pressure is defently there. They get so fucking big so fast.. (same age btw)
Thx for your persepctive Dylan!


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Just give yourself a little more time man. You are in the prime years of your life for natural gains. Take advantage of it. You can use peds later on