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Hello, I'm new to this forum so forgive me if I missed this discussion elsewhere.

I am a 31 yr old male with substantial cycle use since I was 19. I have cycled almost everything at one point or another, always used proper pct and never had any side effects. Until recently, when I ran KONG from Medfit RX.

I have taken S4, osterine and cardarine individually with no sides. When I took KONG though, after the first week it was impossible to orgasm during sex. The effect lasted for 3 weeks after I cycled off and I ran 2 cycles with exactly the same results.

I have done a bunch of research and can't find any definete reason why. My gut feeling is the RAD 140 but not sure. I loved the muscle I gained but this side effect isn't worth it. Just wondering if there is something I can do to offset this issue while running a cycle?

KONG has:
thats because that is a terrible terrible source... you do not have real sarms... STOP using these immediately
Copy that, I haven't used them in several months. just planning my next cycle out an making sure I get everything right
Medfit Rx sells a lot of prohormones. If they have poor on-site regulation, I can see cross-contamination between their SARMS and prohormones.
Not familiar with that source, but it sounds like it may have been or contained prohormones. I stick with getting mine from and I have been very happy. You can PM for an discount code if you're interested.
We vouch for ESARMS.

I recommend you order from them at least you know you're getting real SARMS.

PM me for a discount code.
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