Sarm Dosing Method


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Hi Everyone,

Quick question, I just got my Sarms from a recommended Sarms supplier on this site. They shipped super fast and I have only one complaint, they taste a LOT worse than my last experience! To counteract this I've been putting my doses in my coffee or water when taking (they are in liquid form).

Any problems/issues taking them this way?
I would take a sip of your water or coffee, hold it in the back of your throat and squirt the dose in then swallow. You can mix it but you run the risk of some of the sarms to stick to the cup.

Its not that you cant do it id just do that as a last resort. They are suspended with alcohol so it doesnt taste great but it is what it is.
no issue using a chaser like that. they taste like that to keep them stable and the quality high.
you should try just squirting back of mouth where it doesn't touch your tongue or lips. don't taste it
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