Samson Supplies Spring Cycle Log


Hi guys,

Samson allowed me to try some things and log about them. My plan was to run a mild spring cut cycle using HGH, Test Cyp, Proviron and Anavar from Samson. My stats are like this 37 year old male, 210 lbs, 6", 17% BF, general training experience of 19 years, minimal cycle experience (one Test only, one Test/Deca, multiple SARMS). I really want to focus on losing fat and maintaining muscle, like almost everyone, I guess.

Doses are as follows: 3IUs HGH (AM), 300MG Test (split twice a week), 50MG Proviron (per day), 6 weeks of Anavar further into the cycle. Still waiting on things to really get going but I've been on the HGH for a week and have seen no sides. Will post pre-cycle bloods in the next day or so.

Gotta say that these dudes are really organized and got me my gear within 3 days (!). Really nice packaging, too. Next post will be photos of the gear!
Awesome bro! Watching!

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