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Safe-mail is back


Good to know. They had issues for the past few weeks. I like it and hoping they would solve the issue.

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yea i just signed in right now.. finally working lol. i cant believe they allowed it to be down so long.. dont trust the place at all now !


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thats too bad they have had so many issues because i always really liked using it too... hopefully this is behind them but who knows... i would try to find a more solid email and just keep your safe mail if you have it but be prepared to change at any time


Forget it i already changed and like anonymousspeech better
And as someone said "up now but for how long"
Best to get away from safe mail anyways they are based in Israel and a lot of shit going sideways over there right now

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I would recommend everyone go with a good paid service and avoid safe-mail personally


I was surprised to see that my safe-mail account still had all my old mail still in it. I'm going to keep it but I also opened a Protonmail, and tatunota accounts while safe-mail was down. I really like Protonmail. I think its good to keep a few options in case one or more goes down again.....