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S4 again


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Hi again guys! I have had problems with S4. I was supposed to do a 12 week cycle of LGD 10 mg and S4 50 mg split dose. Finally my eye problems made me stop S4 a week ago. Yesterday was the first day without eye tint or night view impairment. Should I start at 25/day for 2 weeks and try to jump to 50, or should I give up S4? In case I have to give it up, could you recommend me another sarm to cut? My gains were going in the right direction but after stopping S4 I am a bit bloated
Thank you in advance


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i experienced the vision issues on 50 but not on 25. you can try 25 and see if you like that better


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Just a personal choice. You can try it at 25mg per day or the 5/2 protocol and see if it works for you. You may get just as good results as some people on 50mg so I think its worth it.