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Quick tip: Write stuff down (yes with a pen or pencil) on actual paper. Write it down BEFORE the workout. Like a plan on what you're gonna do. You can also do short, medium and long term targets. Pin them up. Add them to the log. Example: 'I want to gain 5lbs of muscle'.

It works like a shopping list. If you don't have a list you WILL come back with shit you don't need and forget stuff you do. But that almost never happens with a list. Having a written plans keep you focused.

The same applies to having a log. It'll keep you on target and honest. We (and indeed you) will see when you slack off.

PEDs: Just write out the plan and stay on it. Only adjust if, looking at the log, it's not working out as planned.

Nutrition: List the supps and make sure you take them. Food, use an app if you must, but hit the macros EVERY damn day. This is especially important if you're cutting, bulking or getting ready for a competition. Not so much for lifters.

The actual training: list the exercises, the sets, reps and yes even the weights. In some (more than a few) logs no weights are listed and so you KNOW its remained the same through the whole program and they'll bitch they made no progress.

Lastly, esp important for bulking, cutting or competing - TAKE PHOTOS
thanks for posting this bro... we get a lot of questions about how to set up logs and run them so this will be quite helpful!
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