Robo Anadrol


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First off I want to say both orders I’ve placed with robolics have gone more than smoothe. Got both orders within 5 days of payment. Just need some advice with the liquid Androl. 2nd day using it and holy fuck does that shit stink up my room lol. Just wondering how you guys take it and how you deal with the smell because my room has smelled like it since I’ve opened the package and no glad air spray can get rid of it
I know what your saying man, I was taking the injectable Winny orally and it made my place stink bad! I just use tabs now.
Thanks guys. Used grapefruit juice and it was a lot better than taking it straight lmao. Also double bagged that bitch and through it in a Rubbermaid
I’ve got Robo’s liquid Dbol and I mix it with my pre workout and can barely taste it. The smell however is a different story, theirs no covering that up,, but what you gonna do? Not take it? It gives too good pumps to let sit in my drawer. Nah, I’m taking mines. Lol
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