Recommendation for Cycle


Finishing up a cut, looing to:
Maintain a lean figure (nothing too crazy)
Build muscle

I am 25, 6 foot, 172 (bulked to 194)

Last cycle I did was test e, primo, and anavar.
350mg test e broken 2x a week, 12 weeks
Primo 500mg per week for 12 weeks
Var started at 30mg for weeks 9-14
13-14 weeks clear Esters
week 15 is pct

This worked put well for me, any thoughts and edits?
Thats a pretty good cycle. Maybe this time try one with test, and eq. If you are lean enough like under 12% add in some masteron.

GW and S4 would also be great additions here from umbrella labs or rcs
25 is a bit young in my opinion to be using any kind of gear but if your gonna do it then this cycle seem fine and not on the heavy side which is refreshing to see. But I still think you should wait to do another cycle for at least a year preferably 2.
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